About MUN

What is MUN

It is an academic simulation of the United Nations (UN) designed to help students in understanding diplomacy, international relations and working of the UN itself. The students will be assigned a particular country and committee and they will have to roleplay as that particular delegate in the particular committee. There are certain agendas that will be discussed in the council.The end result is to find a solution which is called a resolution along with other delegates in the committee.

Why Should You Participate In MUN?

Public Speaking Skills

* Not any normal Public Speaking skill, student will have to role play as an ambassador, envoy and delegates, which means they are learning the highest level of public speaking efficiencies that there is.

* And also, the highest level of rules and regulation while talking to other delegates.

Multi-Cultural Exposure

* Opportunity to build a network and to expand their networking skills while having multicultural exposure.

* In an International MUN conference, there are delegates from different countries from the various religious cultural background. Students get to meet and interact with them.

Be The Smartest Professional

* It will help the student to shine in their professional life.

* An academic certificate can get them any job, but to thrive in that job they have to stand out from the rest of them. They have to demonstrate something unique.

* That’s when having some experience of participating in conferences like MUN helps.

Meet The Real Heroes

* If students are lucky enough, they will get to meet the real heroes, who are these people? Actual Ambassadors and representatives of UN. Meeting with them and hearing their stories on what is happening in UN and also around the world will help them understand the functioning better.

Be An Expert

* Aware of the surroundings

* Aware of different perspectives Discussing a particular agenda makes them an expert on the topic because it’s discussed over three days and also hearing different countries perspectives


* Segments in Model United Nations called “Socials” Informally socialize with other delegates which include singing, dancing and lot more other fun activities

Personal Learnings

It is a great platform to mold the students skills like:

  • Public Speaking
  • Debating
  • Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Team Work
  • Leadership

By now you can understand MUN is not only about public speaking skills it’s more than that. Memories the students have in MUN becomes Memory of lifetime. If this has so many merits, why don’t you do it? Why shouldn’t you do it?

See What Our Participants Are Saying?

Good feedback is the key to improvement and we value our participant’s feedback to develop us.

"It has been my dream to visit the United Nations for a long time, now I have a wonderful opportunity for it. I ensure that I will try my best to win in all the rounds."

- Imran, Student

"The orientation offered to us was very useful to understand about the UN and the ROP of the MUN. It was elegantly and eloquently delivered by the trainer"

- Devi, Teacher Coordinator

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We offer Model United Nations training and orientation for the students through the school.

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