Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the procedure to participate in the MUN conference?
    Please do register on our website. We will be sending you the details about the competition to the Mail ID you have registered with us.
  • How to register for the competition?
    You will have to register on the website by filling in the details on the given page.
  • What should you do after registration?
    You would get a mail from our coordinator regarding the competition. The rules and regulations that have to be followed along with the detailed information about the different rounds will be sent along with the mail.
  • How long will it take for us to respond after the registration?
    The coordinator will send you the mail within 1 to 2 working days from the date of registration. If not, please do contact us at +917397477227.
  • What are the eligibility criteria?
    Any student studying in Middle and High school with good oratory, writing and negotiating skills can participate.
  • What is the Position Paper?
    Position Paper is an essay detailing a country's stance/policies on the given topics for the given committee. It is usually one to one-and-a-half pages in length. The position paper should include a brief introduction followed by a comprehensive breakdown of the country's position on the topic for the given committee. A good position paper will not only provide facts but also make proposals for resolutions. Please try covering the following details in your position paper:
    • What the topic/problem is about?
    • Why is it Discussed/Happening? Who all are the different stakeholders in the topic/problem?
    • What can be the possible steps/solutions for the topic/problem?
    • What is your countries policies/steps/stance for the given topic/problem?
  • How to send the position papers?
    Through the school, the teacher coordinator will collect all the position papers and send it to us by filling in the registration/acknowledgement sheet with the approval of the school principal.
  • Do you have to write all the topics for the Round 1 – Position Paper?
    No. You will have to write the position paper on any ONE topic that is enlisted in our website. You will have to write it from the perspective of any specific country or in general aspect.
  • What is the format for the position paper?
    Hard copy – Write it in an A4 sheet paper and send a courier to us at “Go4Guru Pvt. Ltd, IMUNC, 27H, AVM Avenue 2nd Street, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600092, Tamil Nadu, India”

    Soft Copy – Send it as a DOC/PDF format to (If you send it in any other format, your position paper will not be considered for the competition and will not be evaluated)

    Note that only the Teacher coordinator will have to send the position paper to us.
  • What is the word limit for the Position Paper?
    The word limit for the position paper is a minimum 600 words to maximum 1000 words. If it exceeds the word limit, we will consider the submission of position paper but will not evaluate the position paper after the 1000 words. There are no brownie points for usage of image or design in the document.
  • Do you have to pay any money for participation?
    For Round 1, it is open for all and you don’t have to pay any registration fees.

    For Round 2, the winners of the Round 1 (Qualifying Round) don’t have to pay the delegate fees, but others will have to pay the delegate fees ( The exact amount to be paid as delegate fees will be notified later on our website after the Round 1 is over)

    For Round 3, the winners of the Round 2( Regional Conference) don’t have to pay the delegate fees, but others will have to pay the delegate fees( The exact amount to be paid as delegate fees will be notified later on our website after the Round 1 is over)
  • Why should you get the school principal’s approval?
    In case if you get selected for the Regional Conference that will be happening in Chennai and the International Conference that will be happening in New York, USA, you will have to take leave from the school for almost one to one-and-a- half weeks. And also, for the USA VISA process, you will have to come to the Embassy, for which you will have to take leave from the school. If the school isn’t aware of your participation in the competition, the principal might not grant you permission for the leaves which will be a problem for you and also us. So, to avoid such unnecessary problems we will be requiring the acknowledgement from the principal.
  • Can you participate as an individual without the school principal’s approval?
    No. You cannot participate in the competition as an individual; you will have to participate through the school. If your school isn’t aware of such a competition, please do give your school’s MUN/Teacher coordinator our details and ask them to contact us. Though we don’t encourage individual participation, due to some exceptional reasons we might consider your participation. Please do contact us at +917397477227 for further clarifications.
  • When is the last date for the registration?
    The registration for the Round 1 is already closed. Kindly register for the Round 2 – Regional MUN conference. The deadline for registering for the Round 2 is 20th October 2019.
  • Will the country and committee that you choose for the round 1(Position Paper) be allocated for you during the round 2 (Regional Conference)?
    No. The country and committee you choose to write position paper in Round 1 have nothing to do with your allocation of country or committee for the Regional Conference in Round 2. If your position paper is phenomenal in Round 1, we might consider your country preference for Round 2 while allocation.
  • How will the Training/Orientation be offered?
    Based on the response from the school and the availability of our trainer for the specified date, the training/orientation will be offered in the school by our MUN Trainer in person or will be conducted as a Webinar session for the students.
  • How many students can participate from a school in this Conference?
    Minimum of 15 students are requested to participate in the Conference from a school. There is no limit on the maximum number of participants. We also have a special trophy for the School with the Maximum number of Student Participants.
  • When will the results be declared for Round 1?
    The results are already been declared. Kindly check our results page. If you cannot find your name in the result list, kindly contact us. We will be glad to help.

  • 1. Can a student participate in Round 2 – Regional MUN Conference directly, without participating in the Round 1?
    Yes. The student can participate but will have to pay the full delegate fees of Rs.2500/-

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"It has been my dream to visit the United Nations for a long time, now I have a wonderful opportunity for it. I ensure that I will try my best to win in all the rounds."

- Imran, Student

"The orientation offered to us was very useful to understand about the UN and the ROP of the MUN. It was elegantly and eloquently delivered by the trainer"

- Devi, Teacher Coordinator

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