MUN Club


Educating the students in basic Model United Nations concepts through training, activities,discussions and MUN simulations

MUN Co-ordinator

School will select a teacher as MUN coordinator with political science or commerce or English literature background. MUN Club will give practice to the club members and helps organize MUN in the school with the help of Go4MUN resources. MUN club members will meet once in a week and practice MUN. Documents and videos will be provided by our trainers for practice.


The guidance and support will be provided by our trainers at free of cost. The students can join the MUN club without any fees.

Co-ordinator Training

Coordinators will be trained with two students from each school about the MUN concepts, rules of procedures, committees, and topics along with help on how to run the MUN club in schools. Go4MUN trainers will visit the clubs and give suggestions for better performance and functioning of the clubs. Various activities and simulations will be conducted during the training session which will help them guide other students.

See What Our Participants Are Saying?

Good feedback is the key to improvement and we value our participant’s feedback to develop us.

"It has been my dream to visit the United Nations for a long time, now I have a wonderful opportunity for it. I ensure that I will try my best to win in all the rounds."

- Imran, Student

"The orientation offered to us was very useful to understand about the UN and the ROP of the MUN. It was elegantly and eloquently delivered by the trainer"

- Devi, Teacher Coordinator

Glimpses of Recent Events by Go4Guru

We offer Model United Nations training and orientation for the students through the school.

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